Work related stress and anxiety continues to spin out of control and is now one of the greatest issues facing our working population. This is especially prevalent now we suddenly and unexpectedly find ourselves in the grip of a global pandemic. Chronic stress causes immense damage to our brain and leads to many other long-term illnesses. Workload is a leading factor driving this condition, yet we know that most employees have never been taught how to focus their brain in order to work effectively. In fact, 92% of employees we surveyed had "no idea" or "little idea" how their brain works. We also make our brains sit in open plan offices - environments that are full of constant distractions and scientifically proven to be very difficult to work in. This situation is a ticking time bomb and the pressures are growing. Employees face economic uncertainty and job insecurity (especially in the current Coronavirus circumstances) and many are also juggling issues with their stressed out children and chronically ill parents. Many of us will be working from home for the first time and will struggle to block out the distractions of that environment.


We bring a simple innovative solution to workforces.

Firstly, we teach people some basic neuroscience facts, because we know that when people understand how their brain works they are better able to maximise its effectiveness (thus coping better with workload) and better able to control emotions (thus managing stress and anxiety).

Secondly, we provide training tools and resources to help them put this neuroscience into action at their desk and in their daily lives.


We use music and sound as our tool of choice because it is an exceptional brain chemical trigger and cognitive workout. This isn't just our opinion, there's several decades of neuroscience and cognitive psychology research to back this up. We know that music has been exerting its effects on human brains for well over 30,000 years.

The Music Diet provides short video based learning courses, online training tools and resources to help you use music and sound to take control of your brain. Once you understand the basic concepts you will be amazed at the difference it will make to your life. But the greatest news is that it's enjoyable!


The resources in this Virtual Club have been designed to address two main goals:

1. Increasing awareness regarding the basic neuroscience principles to help you understand and maximise your brain power (don't worry it's not complicated boffin science, we make it super simple)

2. Providing tools to help train your brain so you can quickly achieve whatever it is you want to achieve (e.g. focus, energy boost, relaxation, sleep, mood boost etc).

Our aim is to help you work more efficiently so that:

  • you find it easier to cope with workload

  • you are generally less stressed and sleeping better

  • you are better able to control your emotions and energy

  • you have more time to spend with family and friends (once we're allowed to socialise again!) and maybe can even finally get that puppy you've always wanted

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