The health trilogy by Dr Julia Jones, aka Dr Rock


January 2021


October 2021

Volume 1

The Music Diet


Your brain lights up when you feed it with music and sound. The ears don't lead to a dead end, they are a powerful input channel to the brain.


This first book in Dr Rock's health trilogy gives a simple overview of decades of neuroscience research to show how to use music and sound as a proven tool to maintain good brain and body health throughout life.


Volume 2

The Brain Rocks

Good health starts in the brain. If you're not in the decision making driving seat it's less likely you'll consistently make good health choices.


This 2nd book in Dr Rock's health trilogy shows how combining sound and vision based techniques can produce rapid and incredible positive impact on key brain processes that are vital for good health.

She considers sound and vision to be the Lennon & McCartney of health tools. This book shows you how to harness them in everyday life to produce good health habits and consistently produce efforts that will keep you at the top of the health charts.


Volume 3

The Sound Mind

This 3rd and final part of Dr Rock's health trilogy explores the new era we're living in, now being called the 'Millennium of the Mind'. An age where much of our work is knowledge based and screen driven, resulting in chronic mental and physical health issues. She examines the new wave of psychotherapies and technologies. New approaches, harnessing ancient principles, that can help us orchestrate and maintain lifelong good health, no matter what inevitable modern stresses and complications we encounter.

The Music Diet strikes a chord..

"Music is a key component in human life. The Music Diet is a compelling and authoritative book showing a clear link between what we hear and our mental and physical health.


I support the drive to encourage bosses to help their employees listen to music in the workplace. This can help stimulate productivity and ease stress in an increasingly complex world of working patterns and environments.

Dr Rock is setting the pace and leading the debate - she is someone who we all need to listen to.”

Michael Dugher

Chief Executive, UK Music

“Music can transform lives and help physical and mental wellbeing for those of all ages.  Employers will see - and hear - the benefits of allowing staff to listen to music of any genre in the workplace.


Having opera in the background continually at ENO (and pop and hip hop in the background when I worked at MTV) can have a transformative effect on the happiness of staff.


The Music Diet is a must read and totally nails the crucial importance of music in human beings' lives and for their health."

Stuart Murphy

Chief Executive, English National Opera


Dr Rock

Dr Julia Jones (aka Dr Rock) has been examining the effects of sound and music on the brain for over 25 years. She promotes the importance of looking after brain health as well as body health and show clients how to harness sound and vision based techniques to boost brain function and wellness. Julia first began prescribing music in the 1990s while working as a psychologist, helping young GB Olympic squads achieve peak performance by controlling anxiety and boosting motivation, focus and confidence.


Her MSc, MBA and PhD research further examined the effects of music and has featured in scientific journals, trade publications and across print, TV and radio. She is a leading expert in this field, a member of the Royal Society for Public Health and the British Neuroscience Association. As a lifelong learner (and as part of her own brain plasticity routine) Julia is continuing to examine the neurobiology of mental health at King's College London (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience) and music analysis at Oxford University.


Julia currently sits on the Mayor of London's Music Board, the UK Parliamentary Group for AI, contributed to the UK Parliamentary Group for Longevity, presented at the UN's World Urban Forum, led the Music in Society inquiry at the House of Lords and recently wrote a music strategy for the NHS' first dementia village. She is also a Certified personal trainer, sleep scientist, a DJ, musician and published songwriter.


In 2019, Julia wrote 'The Music Diet' to spread awareness regarding the phenomenal effects of music and sound on the brain and body. The book highlighted decades of neuroscience research and gave simple tips showing how to use music to boost brain and body wellness. The aim was to encourage people to consume a little music every day (through listening, singing, dancing, learning, playing, moving) as part of their daily diet. Following the success of the book, The Music Diet in-office workplace wellness programme was launched in November 2019 to help employers offer their workforces a new approach to health. A virtual version of the programme was launched in April 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic  to help home workers maintain mental and physical wellbeing during lockdown.

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