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I use music every day as part of my general health practices - because it's FUN and also one of the most effective tools in the wellness toolkit. These short sessions are a superb way to get the heart pumping, the body moving and the brain working.

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Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock

Tennis Balls

0815 gmt


(15 min session)

I hit the imaginary ball to you and you hit it back to me. Try and really get in the zone with this and visualise the ball leaving my invisible racket, bouncing in your room and connecting with your imaginary racket as you swing your arm forward. We time these actions to music.


This is a good practice method for focusing in and really being in the moment using visualisation. It also gets your heart rate up and boosts circulation to the muscles and brain. A great fun start to the day.

Live Concert

1200 gmt


(15 min session)


Join me as we act out the members of the band with our invisible instruments. Throughout the songs we move our brain's focus to zone in on the sounds of that instrument.



This is a great and fun exercise in attentional control and it gets the heart pumping too.

Sun Roof Party

1600 gmt


(15 min session)

Humans are born to sing together but when we become adults we do it less and less often. Singing along to a song brings many immediate benefits in the brain and body.



It gives multiple regions of the brain an instant workout and can reset our focus from the stress of work in an instant, boosting positive brain chemicals and helping reduce negative ones. The lungs and heart get a good workout too. It's the ultimate reset button and when we enjoy this activity together we also benefit from the release of our social chemical, oxytocin as well as pleasure chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. So join me as we sing out loud (on mute!) to some classic hits.



This specially designed soundscape has been road tested by cognitive psychologists, business leaders and MBA schools.


It helps your brain focus attention on the work you're trying to complete. So you can stay on top of workload, the leading cause of work related stress.

Enter the Focus Runway below and let us know how you get on.

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