What is The Music Diet?

This new music and neuroscience led wellness programme is based on The Music Diet book by Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock.

Music Diet @ SAP

Scroll down to see the new Autumn programme at SAP. Sign up now!Contact sap@musicdietclub.com for details.

Music Diet @ SAP

The Autumn Menu


SAP Live Room 

Learning instruments is proven to give your hippocampus (the brain's memory formation centre) a superb workout. Sign up now to join the next 8-week cycle of our Guitar Zero to Guitar Hero course for beginners and improvers. No prior skills required.



SAP Live Room

Join this next 45 min masterclass by Dr Rock. She'll show you how to get out of the passenger seat and into the driving seat of your brain. You'll learn how to improve focus, reduce stress, boost motivation and maintain good health to enjoy life to the full.

Wed 28 Oct 1730 GMT



Music Diet Live Room

Join our specially designed 15-min 'Moves & Grooves' booster for brain and body.  No skills, equipment or workout gear required. Just the ability to let your hair down and focus on the band leader as she leads your brain through the sounds.

Tuesdays 1200 GMT



SAP Live Room 

A fun, easy 30 min weekly brain REJUVENATOR. Just listen in or sing along if you want to (you're all on mute). This is a great sessions to break up your day.

Wednesdays 1230 GMT



SAP Live Room

We're running this fun session again for those who missed it first time around. Learn how to DJ! No equipment required except a smartphone.

Wed 25th Nov 1730 GMT



SAP Live Room

Our second showcase will teach you a few new techniques. This session is for those of you who can play reasonably well but want to add a few additional licks to their repertoire.

Date TBC

How to register!



To sign up for guitar lessons please click the button below to access the SAP Sharepoint folder.


You can sign in and book yourself into a timeslot on Mon or Wed that works for you.


Wednesdays 1230


You should have received a calendar invite from the SAP Music Team with the Zoom link and password to access the SAP Live Room for this session.

If you have not received this and would like to join in, please email us and we will send you this info. 




You reserve your place or find out more info on any of the other sessions simply click the buttons above or email 


It's all happening in your new SAP Live Room

The 1st gig in the SAP Live Room sold out within 5 minutes




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Workload is the leading cause of work-related stress and is compounded by an inability to focus.

Our unique Focus Runway is designed to help your brain work without interruption. It's recently been taken for a test drive at some of the world's leading MBA schools and got stellar results.



SAP Live Room

You never know what amazing talent we're going to feature in the SAP Live Room. Don't miss the Live Music Lunchtimes every Wednesday at 1230 (30 mins). If you're a performer and want to perform a few songs for your colleagues let us know.  We're also keen to run an SAP's Got Talent (Junior Edition) so let us know if your kids perform?

We also offer 1-2-1 advisory sessions


Music and sound can be powerful tools in the care of  those with dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer, autism, depression, anxiety and assist in pain management

We can help you learn how music and sound can help with conditions such as these at home

Contacts us on sap@musicdietclub.com if you'd like to arrange a free 30 min confidential consultation with Dr Rock.

The Music Diet is a groundbreaking approach to wellness based on the book by Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock

SAP is on The Music Diet!

In November 2019 the World Health Organisation published a review of thousands of scientific studies examining the effects of music and sound on health and wellbeing


They highlighted that the power of music to deliver significant value to health and wellbeing is being overlooked

We help you harness the power of music and sound to supercharge your wellness and most importantly provide lots of opportunities to have fun!


Helping you perform at your best in work, rest and play

If you'd like to find out more about the Music Diet click the button below to visit our home page