The Music Diet & NHS EKHUFT Trust have teamed up to connect musicians with NHS staff, key workers and their families during the Covid 19 crisis.

This new NHS Live Room (on Zoom) features live music performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 7pm. This is private space providing a music break for UK keyworkers. 


Scroll down to find out how to gain free membership to this new live music social club.

Thank you so much for your hard work during this unprecedented time. It's greatly appreciated. Remember to look after your own wellbeing too. Music is a great tonic. We hope you enjoy your new virtual music club.

If you're a musician who would like to perform a weekly 45 min gig in the virtual live room for NHS staff, keyworkers and their families please follow the steps below:


1. Click the link HERE to view the performance rota


2. Decide which weekly 45 min time slot you'll like to choose. This live room will continue to operate during the Covid 19 crisis.

2. Email to let us know your preferred day/time slot. We will send you the Zoom access links and instructions explaining how to host your live session. Please feel free to talk about your performances in the NHS Live Room on social media but please don't post the Zoom access links on social media as we don't want hackers spoiling the good vibes :)

If you're an NHS employee or a key worker (supermarket, postal service / delivery, transport, police, fire officer, teacher, waste collection etc)


Follow the steps below to activate your free membership to access the NHS Live Room 


Step 1

Download the Zoom app from the App Store or from onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop and create a free (Basic) account.


Step 2

Email to receive the access link and password to the live performance room on Zoom. Feel free to share this with your family and colleagues but DON'T post the access codes on social media. 

Step 3

Drop into the Live Room using your phone, tablet or laptop whenever you feel like it. There will be a fabulous musician in there to chat with and to perform for you.

You can see who is performing by viewing the live performance room rota by clicking HERE

These performances are being donated by lots of talented musicians as a thank you for the amazing job you're doing. They are sending musical hugs and high fives your way through this live performance room. We hope you enjoy.

Please do mention the musicians on your social media pages but please don't post the Zoom access links on social media. We don't want hackers spoiling the good vibes :)

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