What is The Music Diet?

We are the world's first music and sound driven wellness programme for workplaces.


The Music Diet is grounded in neuroscience and can sit alongside your existing workplace Employee Assistance Programme, helping your teams supercharge their wellbeing.

The programme has been designed by Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock, author of The Music Diet book and a leading expert in music, neuroscience and wellbeing. Julia's 25 years of experience advising Olympic athletes, CEOs and celebrities plus her own research in this field makes this groundbreaking programme world class.

Why do you need it? 

In 2019 the World Health Organisation urged employers and health professionals to stop ignoring the huge scientific evidence base and start harnessing the many positive effects of music on wellbeing.

This programme has been specifically designed to use these brain responses to drive impressive sign ups to health activities, improve workplace experience and foster greater social relationships amongst teams. Plus it gives your teams fun opportunities to play - a key aspect of wellness.

This is a modern EAP for modern employers. 

Scroll down to find out how it works...

Here's how it works...

Step 1

We build your very Live Room in our online Music Diet venue!


It can be accessed easily by your teams through their laptop, tablet or smartphone

We brand it with your logo

Step 2

We fill your Live Room with exciting activities and work with your in-house Music Ambassadors (nominated by you) to help promote the opportunities to your teams!


The programme outlined below offers a range of learning, listening and moving activities that help you boost brain health and mental wellbeing as well as physical wellness

Our NeuroMiles* rewards scheme helps you collect points through the menu below

The Music Diet Menu



Virtual Live Room 

Generate new brain cells in your hippocampus (key memory region) by learning a musical instrument with us on our Music Zero to Music Hero* course for beginners and improvers.


£/$/€ included


Virtual Live Room & In-Office

A series of Masterclasses by Dr Rock & Guests, designed to teach you how to get more in control of your brain and get the max out of life. 


£/$/€ included



Virtual Live Room

Our specially designed range of fun 15-min boosters for brain and body.  No skills, equipment or workout gear required. Just the ability to let your hair down.


£/$/€ included



Virtual Live Room & In-Office

A fun, easy brain and lung booster. Sing out loud or just in your head (that also delivers a brain boost)


£/$/€ included



Virtual Live Room & In-Office

Impress your friends and family with this skill that builds new brain cells as well as your street cred 


£/$/€ included


Virtual Live Room & In-Office

These 1-2-1 or group sessions show you how to harness meditation/mindfulness/self-hypnosis for wellness and goals


£/$/€ included


In addition to the programme of virtual activities on offer in your Live Room you can access the features below in your office and online




Workload is the leading cause of work-related stress and is compounded by an inability to focus. Our unique Focus Runway is designed to help your brain work without interruption.




We transform clinical silent workplace environments into places with a more relaxing vibe. Using wifi speakers we  stream soundscapes and music playlists into select areas of your office.



Virtual & In-Office

We help you throw superb live music parties at your office. Being social is a key part of good health and music is the perfect social glue to connect through and forge new friendships.

Step 3

We also offer 1-2-1 advisory and immersion sessions


Music and sound can be powerful tools in the care of  those with dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer, autism, depression, anxiety and assist in pain management

We can help your team members learn how music and sound can help with conditions such as these at home

The Music Diet is a groundbreaking approach to wellness based on the book by leading expert

Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock

The Music Diet workplace wellness program is the perfect tool for employers seeking to improve the lives and health of their teams and create a modern working culture that puts wellness, play and fun at its heart

We help you put together a cracking team of Music Ambassadors (some of your employees) and work with them to help promote the program to your workforce

We allocate one of our Music Coaches to look after your program and ensure it rocks

We help develop your in-house "Neuromiles*" scheme so that your workforce can collect and redeem them against rewards (e.g. employee perks or awards, "invite a friend" to have free membership of the Music Diet club)

One third of current degenerative brain disease cases could have been prevented through better lifestyle choices during working life. The Music Diet is designed to help people simply understand cognitive health and to provide them with fun ways to look after it and supercharge their brain and body. 

Is your workplace on The Music Diet yet?

In November 2019 the World Health Organisation published a review of thousands of scientific studies examining the effects of music and sound on health and wellbeing


They highlighted that the power of music to deliver significant value to health and wellbeing is being overlooked

We help you harness the power of music and sound to supercharge the wellness of your teams


Helping them to perform at their best in work, rest and play

*The Music Diet, The Music Diet Club, Music Zero to Music Hero, Focus Runway, ALTER and the NeuroMiles brands are the intellectual property of Music Diet Ltd. All rights reserved. Photos of Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock by Rankin for letsreset.com

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