A Life That Effortlessly Rocks

Our 30-Day Course

The ALTER course draws from Dr Julia Jones' 25 years of neuroscience and psychology experience and work with Olympic athletes, CEOs, celebrities and elite performers.

It helps you make changes to reach your true potential.


It shows you why and how music is the key that can unlock your brain and your future.


Whatever your goals - bodyweight, smoking, career progression, happiness, anxiety control, better sleep - this 30 day course will show you what's holding you back and how to remove the block. Through a mix of neuroscience, self-hypnosis and sound-led mind techniques used by Olympic athletes you'll learn how to get out of the passenger seat and into the driving seat of your brain.


Everyone can make their life better. It's a continuous process. But the results from even small changes can be spectacular once you learn how the brain controls your destiny. This is not a gobbledegook course, it's grounded in neuroscience and if after the 30 days you're not filled with the wow factor we'll happily reimburse your course fee.

Course Fee: £299 

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