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The Music Diet

We show you how to collect NeuroMiles* and supercharge your wellbeing by harnessing the amazing effects of music and sound on the brain and body

The Music Diet* is a fun and effective, groundbreaking music and sound driven workplace wellness programme based on the book by Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock


The ears are a direct route to the brain and so the information you send in there can have a significant impact on the way you feel and the things you do


We want to help you look after your brain and maximise its potential

Through the Music Diet programme we help you understand the brain science basics so that you can learn how to supercharge your wellbeing

We'll show you how to use music and sound (including the human voice and the sound of silence) to exert powerful effects on your brain, helping you perform at your best at work, rest and play

We'll give you opportunities to take part in activities that help you build up NeuroMiles* (they are like 10,000 steps but for the brain!)

Our NeuroMiles* programme launches 23rd June 2020 on the 80th anniversary of the BBC's 'Music While You Work' broadcast that ran from 1940 to 1967


Using Neuroscience & Music To Boost Brain & Body Wellness 

Dr Julia Jones (aka Dr Rock) has been examining the effects of music on the brain for over 25 years. She first began prescribing music in the 1990s while working as a psychologist, helping young GB Olympic squads achieve peak performance by controlling anxiety and boosting motivation and confidence. Her MSc, MBA and PhD research has featured in scientific journals, trade publications and across print, TV and radio. She is a leading expert in music neuroscience, a member of the British Neuroscience Association and currently immersed in the neurobiology of mental health at King's College London. Julia sits on the Mayor of London's Music Board, the UK Parliamentary Group for AI, contributed to the UK Parliamentary Group for Longevity, presented at the UN's World Urban Forum, led the Music in Society inquiry at the House of Lords and wrote a music and dementia strategy for the NHS in 2019. She is also a Certified personal trainer, DJ and songwriter.


In 2019, Julia wrote 'The Music Diet' to spread awareness regarding the phenomenal effects of music and sound on the brain and body. The book highlighted decades of neuroscience research and gave simple examples showing how to use music to boost brain and body wellness. The aim was to encourage people to consume a little music every day (through listening, singing, dancing, learning, playing, moving) as part of their daily diet. Following the success of the book, The Music Diet in-office workplace wellness programme was launched in November 2019 to help employers offer their workforces a new approach to health. This virtual version was launched in April 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic  to help home workers maintain mental and physical wellbeing during lockdown.

Music and sound influence key brain chemicals and activate multiple regions of the brain simultaneously. These effects can be harnessed to drive many wellness effects. We teach you the basic neuroscience principles so that you can get the most from the tools and resources available here in the Virtual Club community (and we also deliver this programme in offices during normal circumstances).

(Photo: "Dr Rock by Rankin" for www.letsreset.com)

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A mini version of our programme is now available on this website free during lockdown. So even if your employer has not yet subscribed to the Music Diet you can still try it out while working at home. Your family members can join in too!

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The Music Diet virtual activities and resources are freely accessible on this website so please just dive in and consume


If you're an employer who would like to know more details about our full wellness programme (virtual and in-office) or would like to book some private sessions or talks for your teams please email Flossie on the email below for more info

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You can find us on the usual channels below. However, as social media use is known to contribute to poor mental health we only pop on there on Friday mornings to say a quick hello and share any useful wellness articles. We believe social media should be consumed in small portions and as infrequently as possible. The Royal Society for Public Health describes social media as more addictive than smoking or alcohol. It steals your time and is linked to increased anxiety, depression and poor sleep.

We prefer to be social with you in real-time during our Zoom sessions or even in person once we're allowed to meet again.

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