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Learn an instrument fast!

Learning an instrument is proven to be one of the most effective ways to boost and maintain brain function as well as being good for your general mental health. Our Music Zero to Music Hero accelerated-learning courses are designed to get you playing songs on an instrument in just a few lessons. Join these live-streamed tuition sessions from your home or office via Zoom.



Weekly brain refreshers

Experiencing live music is an exceptional workout for the brain. It's a superb way to give your grey matter a break from work, so you're energised and ready for action once again. These live sessions are beamed to you via Zoom and you'll be on mute so feel free to also sing along to get added brain and lung benefits. You can also make song requests in the chat.



Future-proof your health

Join Music Diet founder, Dr Julia Jones aka, in her masterclasses and weekly neurobics sessions to learn how you can supercharge your health by taking a 'brain-first' approach. She'll show you the brain science basics and arm you with a repertoire of brain and body hacks (tricks, techniques and shortcuts to health) that can deliver results in just minutes and transform your wellbeing.

Music & Brain Health

89% of adults who play an instrument think playing music keeps them mentally balanced

75% use playing music specifically as a way to de-stress


74% said that just picking up their instrument – with no intention to even play it – can make them feel better





(These figures were published by Spotify in July 2020 and we find the same responses on our programme)

How Does It Work?

Our brain is utterly amazing, but it's hopelessly out of date and evolves very slowly. So, it's not going to catch up during our lifetime. It's running an ancient operating system that's many, many millions of year behind the times.


It's living inside a dark, silent box (our skull) trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the outside world. It does this by interpreting information received by our senses and assessing whether we're in danger or not.


Our brain has no idea that we've very recently invented cars, light bulbs, supermarkets, processed food, public transport, offices, computers, emails etc. So, it often gets confused by the data it receives and chooses the wrong response. 


The ears don't lead to a dead end or a black hole..they lead to the BRAIN.


Sound is a very important data input channel to the brain and produces instant responses. We show you how to harness the proven effects of sound on the brain, to improve and futureproof your health quickly. Our programme uses music to teach you how your brain works and how to maximise it.



A third of current degenerative brain disease cases could have been prevented earlier in life

The Lancet

The significant role that music can play in health and wellbeing is not being sufficiently recognised and harnessed

World Health Organisation, 2019

The powerful effects of music and sound on the brain are well documented in neuroscience and psychology journals but this valuable knowledge is not yet sufficiently understood by employers

Dr Julia Jones, Founder of The Music Diet

Poor mental health now costs UK employers £45bn per year (up from £37bn in 2016), but they now reap £5 of cost savings for every £1 invested on interventions

Deloitte, 2020

"Dr Rock is spot on. Her book The Music Diet demonstrates how what we listen to can influence our physical and mental health. That's why employers should listen up and take note - they may be surprised by the results.”​

Ian King, Sky News Business


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